30 April 2015: Penny Black launch in Melaka

Apparently there is a launch planned in the Muzium Setem Melaka (Melaka Stamp Museum). So far no news of any special postmark.

The launch is planned on 30 April 2015 at 10:00 am.

In this case the Jalan Laksamana cancellation is the nearest to the museum.

If anyone is interested in pre-ordering, I will drop by the museum if there is sufficient quantity to justify the cost. The cancellation that I plan will be Jalan Laksamana and anything from the museum (only if available). If the launch is cancelled, the order will not be processed.

Stay tuned.

Updated 23 April 2015:

There is a planned cachet at the museum!

Updated 24 April 2015:

Here is the image of the FDC with Kuala Lumpur cancellation.

175 Years Penny Balck FDC.jpg