Updated 10 July 2015: ASEAN Community Joint Stamp Issue in August 2015

The final winning design for the ASEAN Community Joint Stamp issue planned on 08 August 2015 was announced in Bangkok back in February 2015. Vietnam came in as the winner for the stamp and the postmark. Here are the designs:

Stamp:ASEAN Community 2015 stamp design

Did you notice that the flags are arranged in an alphabetical order? Fair and square – no arguments here!

Cancellation:ASEAN Community 2015 Postmark

For the official news: http://www.asean.org/news/asean-secretariat-news/item/winners-of-asean-stamp-design-contest-unveiled-to-symbolize-the-unity-of-asean-community

Expect amendments to be made in the final release. The above gives you an idea how it will come out. As to how many stamps and values? Well, be patient, these takes time to sort out.

Meanwhile, on the horizon is the joint issue with Thailand. Some fishy facts will follow soon. Keep a watch on this space.

Updated 10 July 2015:

Here is the image for Pos Malaysia’s issue.