myfdc is approaching 150,000 views and another contest

A gentle reminder! It is already 149,316 views! We might hit 150,000 tomorrow!!!



myfc is reaching 150,000 views and all thanks to the readers from across the world. Malaysians make up the bulk of the readers followed by spammers and bots.

As the site is reaching 150,000 views, I will run the same contest again! This time:

1. If you are the 149,999th, 150,000th or 151,000st viewer you get to win a prize.

2. The prize is a cover and I will make a good cover for this occasion.

3. Just scroll down to the page and take a screenshot of the page if you are the 149,999h, 150, 000th or 151,000st viewer!

4. Email your screenshot to

Hint: It should hit this in about 2 weeks time!

Good luck!


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