Updated 17 May 2015: Royal Exhibition in Dewan Bandaran Ipoh

I decided to complete my Installation of DYMM Sultan Perak FDCs with the last cancellation or shall I call it the Exhibition cachet.

Made it to Dewan Bandaran Ipoh (Ipoh City Hall) just shy of 10:00 am.


Here is the banner:


The hall was still empty and staff of Pos Malaysia has just come in. Here is the counter:


There were few customers, many have had a “chopping” fatigue or there was just a lack of envelopes.

The result??? Wait a bit for me to take the photo. I will put up what I can on eBay with some interesting items.

Stay tuned.

Updated 17 May 2015:

I finally completed the FDC set:

20150506 Kuala Kangsar Ipoh DBI Exhibition Installation Sultan Perak

20150506 Kuala Kangsar Ipoh DBI Exhibition Installation Sultan Perak MS

Here is a poster with matching stamps that I made for the fun of it.

Sultan Perak Poster

Here are the products:

The price is higher as I do not have many covers to average down the cost. In any case, it is cheaper than a return ticket on the Intercity Train!


I am not able to reserve for you as you probably know this issue is limited. Sorry it is not possible to have perfect cancellations and nicely stuck stamps and miniature sheets. They are all at level best considering the short time limit to tear and stick and then get all the cancellations in place.

Once the Standing Order Deposit Account (SODA) is released, I will share my stocks of the SODA Kuala Kangsar FDC sets. These stock will be cheaper than those above. The above are only for the specialists.



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