Something Fishy after the Call

Yup, the next issue after the ITU issue is going to be Marine Creatures. The image of the stamps from Thailand Post has been circulating for quite a quite a while now (over a month) whilst the Malaysian posters and banners were just released on Monday. As usual a shroud of secrecy surrounds the images until the final release. Anyway here they are:




Thailand Post Marine Creatures Malaysia Thailand Joint Issue

The Marine Creatures featured are Jellyfish, Nudibranch, Prawn and Crab.

Did you know the issue date of 08 June 2015 is the World Oceans Day?

For the cancellation collectors:

Sungai Udang in Melaka is a good match.

The Pulau Ketam Mini Post office no longer has a date stamp, so it is rather sad not to be able to get a Pulau Ketam cancellation.

Thailand Post order:

1. If you want to order the Thailand Post stamps and FDC, use this link:

Sign-up for an account first before ordering later next month. Please note that Thailand Post sends the products more than a month later!!! So you really need to be patient. The registered postage is quite expensive.

2. You do have an option to order from dealers or friends in Thailand.

3. I am also pooling orders. It will be like the Malaysia – Hong Kong Joint Issue. I will pool your orders with mine and then average out the cost. Your orders will be shipped out from my side via registered mail on receipt from Thailand Post. This is for collectors only. For dealers: ordering using option 1 is more cost efficient for you.

Depending on your quantity, I will advise the deposit amount – fully refundable if the order does not get through.  Cancellations are not an option after the deposit. Your cost will be way lower than listed prices on eBay but as you know, you need to be patient to get a good price.

For Thailand readers who want a Malaysian FDC, just drop me a note at on your requirements. The same applies if you want a “posted” FDC to your country.

Products available from Pos Malaysia:

1. 60 sen stamps x 2 types on the same sheet (not setenant)

2. RM 1.20 stamps x 2 types on the same sheet (not setenant)

3. Empty folder

Thankfully no miniature sheets. I am getting broke from the MS.

Joint covers? So far no news yet. Hopefully Pos Malaysia and Thailand Post will make joint FDCs!







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