Updated 28 March 2016: More Bouquet

It was rather slow today at the GPO.

Well, not wasting time, next stop…..Taman Ipoh!


This is the most concordant location as it means Ipoh Garden matching the subject of Garden Flowers. Ipoh is the capital of Perak. Suprisingly this time SODA members will get Kuala Kangsar rather than the traditional Ipoh for definitive stamps.

So the next stop is……Ipoh GPO!


The final stop is………..Kuala Kangsar since I am already up north.


There is also a Stamp and Philatelic Exhibition in the Kuala Kangsar Public Library. The exhibition runs from today until 31 March 2016. The main day is 26 March 2016. That would be a good day to drop by. Any dealers or collectors who wish to put up a booth on 26 March 2016 can contact: En Johari at 0175499743.


Apparently the 40 sen sheet does not have the printing plate number nor traffic light! However it seems to be a common printing as the sheets in Ipoh are the same. So those hoping to strike a big hit….look for the sheet with printing plate number and traffic light……if this exist.

Finally here are my bouquets from the north!

20160321 Ipoh Taman Ipoh Kuala Kangsar Garden Flowers

20160321 Ipoh Taman Ipoh Kuala Kangsar Garden Flowers MS

By the way, SODA members are supposed to get Kuala Kangsar cancellation. I think that is a good move by Pos Malaysia.

Updated 28 March 2016:

Apparently there is a red dot on the 40 sen stamp on Row 3 Column 4 (refer to where the pen is pointed).


There are also various minor perforations shifts (up and down). I have a few minor shifts on various values. One of them was used on the FDC!