08 June 2015: Prawn fishing for a Day

The regulars are here early. There were very few newcomers. Today Pos Malaysia implemented a new queue system whereby you need to take a plastic card with a number before proceeding to sit down and wait. I think this is more pleasant but the way the cards were handed out was messy. The early birds ended up at the back! Actually the key issue is the staff should be early at the counter on the date of sale. Precious time is wasted waiting for the items to come up from the store and the staff coming in late. Perhaps Pos Malaysia can look at this point.

Here is the notice:


Here are the chairs:


Finally reached Sungai Udang (River of Prawns) after passing scenic villages and never ending winding roads.

Waze was way out again having directed me to an empty field beside a school marking it as a Post Office?!!??? This is the second time that Waze is out. I decided to drive into town and it was pretty fast before I found the post office tucked quietly beside the road. It was not too prominent but the design of the building gave it away.

The only intention of getting to Sungai Udang is for the concordant name sake of Udang (Prawn). The other concordant cancellation in Pulau Ketam (Crab Island) is sadly no longer available.


One other collector arrived before me.

Here are the samples:

FDC with Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau cancellation and Sungai Udang cancellation.


Setenant FDC with Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau cancellation and Sungai Udang cancellation.


The drive back was tedious. The roadworks at Seremban cause a long jam and Waze directed me across the outskirts and smaller towns until I could cut back into the highway. It was then a long drive and the rain hit.

Not too bad for a day of prawn fishing. No crabs, prawns will do.

Thanks for following. Hope you have a better day!



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