25 June 2015: Raptor Watch Around Puchong

I started the day thinking it would be a walk in the marsh. I was caught a bit off guard as usual by the late announcement and after reading the brochure, I need to put Kuala Selangor into my list of cancellations. Hmmm, that is way way way on the other side of town.

Today’s issue on Herons and Bitterns ties in nicely with Puchong, the local variant of the spelling Pucung (the bird). Puchong town is quite spreadout and there are 5 post offices that carries the name Puchong. One of them apparently does not have a cancellation, leaving 4 post offices. This is just nice for the 3 stamps and one miniature sheet. One for each of them. Now Kuala Selangor is home to a nature reserve and the 70 sen and 80 sen ties nicely with the Kuala Selangor cancellation. That is my challenge of getting to all the places on time.

The GPO was busy but not too crowded. Mostly the regulars. Sales was brisk but not spectacular.

The first stop was quite easy – ample parking and all at Bandar Bukit Puchong Post Office.


The next stop is the Taman Puchong Prima Mini Post Office. As the name suggest, the post office is tucked inside a shoplot. There wasn’t any signages but luckily I printed out the address. Good old hardcopy.


The third stop is Puchong Perdana Post Office. It is located on the First Floor (British way of counting – remember we are in Malaysia) of an old shopping block. The nice thing is that Puchong Pertama’s traditional first day circular cancellation was still available!


The fourth location is the hardest to find if you use Waze or any other GPS. Waze actually sends you to Kinrara Post Office inside Giant (labelled as Tesco on Waze!). Can some map editor in Waze look into this? I had to do a search of Tesco Puchong Jaya to find the post office. Well, another 2 collectors were there! Nice that there are still collectors.


The last most challenging stop is Kuala Selangor due to the distance and available time. I had to take a circuitous route through LDP, PLUS, GUTHRIE and finally LATAR ending up at the Ijok exit (last exit) nearest Kuala Selangor. It was highway robbery all the way on the number of toll gates to reach Ijok. In my haste I forgot to take a photo of Kuala Selangor Post Office which doubles up as a branch of the Philatelic Bureau.

Here is the complete set of the matching concordant locations.

20150625 Puchong Kuala Selangor Herons and Bitterns

20150625 Puchong Kuala Selangor Herons and Bitterns MS

I could not resist making a composite cover since the stamps and MS fitted quite nicely on the cover. So here it is:

20150625 Puchong Kuala Selangor Herons and Bitterns Composite




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