Updated 27 September 2015: Malaysia Day 2015

The next issue is Malaysia Day on 15 September 2015. It is one day before the Malaysia Day celebration. I think this is a better move than issuing a Next Day Cover.

Malaysia Day 2015

This year’s stamps features a nice array of cultural games and dance. It will make a nice thematic addition. Nice concordant locations will be:

1. Kuching bureau – traditional dance

2. Kota Kinabalu bureau – traditional dance

3. Kota Bharu bureau – traditional games

4. Putrajaya bureau – the theme

5. Brickfields post office – the table player

6. Ranau post office – only post office left near Kinabalu Park

Updated 15 September 2015:

There was very light turnout today. Perhaps the haze and light rain in Kuala Lumpur. The setenant stamps are attractive and the blank envelope is striking.

Well, I am off to start the long journey. Hope to share with you in a few weeks time :-).

Halfway point:


20150915 Putrajaya KL Malaysia Day MS

There was also a launching ceremony in the afternoon in the Kota Kinabalu General Post Office.

Updated 27 September 2015:

After a journey of almost 3,000 km, the FDC came back yesterday. My thanks to all my friends who made this a really Malaysian FDC!

20150915 Putrajaya KL Brickfields KB Kuching KK Malaysia Day





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