28 December 2015: A Day of Train Spotting

The day started early enough with the regulars assembling as early before 06:30 am. The 08:30 am roll call was not spectacular. They were the regulars with a handful of speculators who turn up whenever there is a perceived hot issue.

However it soon dawned upon the group that most of the Miniature Sheets were allocated to Sabah and there was a shortage! Pos Malaysia put up a limit of 5 envelopes and 3 Miniature Sheets per person by around 08:45 am.

At that time, there were many disappointed faces. News came in the Shah Alam had plenty of stocks. Frantic phonecalls ensured. The situation in Penang, Sungai Petani and definitely Kota Kinabalu were almost similar with the Miniature Sheets flying off the counter. A few determined resellers went off to the outskirt General Post Offices to try their luck.

Ipoh and Johor Bahru were surprisingly quiet but…that can only last for a short time before the inevitable came: Stock Out!


Trains has always been a popular thematic topic and ever since the first KTM issue, it has been very well received. Coupled with a very well executed design, this issue was very much desirable. The correspondent report from Kota Kinabalu was that there was a huge crowd and long wait. This is very much related to Sabah and her history!

The designer, Mr KY Lim, made a surprising cameo appearance at about 10:00 am. Those around the philatelic bureau took the chance to have their envelopes, leaflets and folders autographed.


Do you have a story to share? Just post your report below.



4 thoughts on “28 December 2015: A Day of Train Spotting

  1. Tried to get to KK GPO yesterday, but stomach pain was too much to bear. So I asked my friend to buy it for me as I go straight to gov. clinic for some meds.

    What I heard from my friend, the FDC went sold out quickly. Also heard a reseller wanted to buy out all the stocks (had RM1,000.00 in hand!), but the staff turned down his offer.

    How is that for a story? 🙂

    1. Thanks for the updates from where the where the centre of action is! Hope you get well! Indeed many of my sources provided updates of attempts by speculators to corner the Trains in Sabah set as this is a very popular thematic issue as well as fitting well into the historical play. In a few weeks when the SODA Miniature Sheet stocks are released, the prices will undoubtedly drop as many of the legitimate dealers will receive their stocks! Again the elusive MS FDC will fetch better prices than mint MS!


  2. Hello,

    This is an update from Penang.

    Was queuing at CIMB Bank yesterday when a message popped-up that Dayabumi runs out of MS. I left and straight to the nearest post office: Bagan.

    Stamps and FDC were all sold out, BUT the clerk, she said “only RM5 have”, “errr… what RM5?” and she opened her book and voila, she has with her 7 pieces of last stock of MS. I bought all 7 and one FDC (last piece as well) and I was officially the last buyer of their available stock for this issue.

    Havent heard anything from BM or USM post offices.

    Super crazy!

    1. Fantastic info and a chance buy! Quite a story you have there. Wow, I cannot belief that the stamps and FDC sold out leaving the MS!

      This morning I went around the smaller post offices in PJ and the news was that the queues were long and whatever they have sold out with the first one or two persons! Trains seem to have a magnetic draw!


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