ASEAN Community Joint Issue Folder by Pos Malaysia

Finally the long awaited ASEAN Community Joint Issue Folder will be released by Pos Malaysia. Due to the limited quantities (1,500 sets – unable to be verified), the folders will be sold to only SODA holders via an order form. This will be on a first come, first served basis. Each account holder may order only 1 folder.

The price per folder is RM 31.80 including GST. This is an affordable pack. No visuals were released.

There will be the 10 nations mint stamps in the folder. The exception is the harder to get Myanmar 100 Kyat stamp as Myanmar only supplied the 500 Kyat stamp to all postal authorities.

Advertisement: I have spares of 100 Kyat Myanmar stamps that I brought in directly.


As a public service, here is the form. You can just download, print, fill in and fax over your order. I think you can also scan and email.

Hopefully you have enough funds in your SODA. The closing date is 29 January 2016. I do not think you would want to wait until the last minute.