26 January 2016: Primates of Malaysia Series 2 (Year of the Monkey)

Here are the images from the Pos Malaysia poster for the Primates of Malaysia Series 2.

2016 Lunar Year of the Monkey Primates of Malaysia Series 2

The RM 3 Miniature Sheet is only available to SODA members (10,000 printed quantity). The RM 6 Miniature Sheet features fluorescent ink printing (something that special effect miniature sheet collectors might want to know). There are 30,000 MS printed for the RM 6 type.

The best concordant location will be Kuala Selangor in view of the strong link between the Silvered Leaf Monkey (70 sen stamp). The primates in the other values are too generic to be identified in any specific location.

Updated 23 January 2016:

A last minute surprise of a Lunar New Year Setemku ready made sheetlet will be on sale on 26 January 2016.