International Postage Stamps

Pos Malaysia made an announcement on the release of the International (Antarabangsa) postage stamps from 01 October 2016.

There were numerous questions raised by this ruling:

1. What will happen to the local stamps? 

2.Will the local stamps continue to be able to be used for postage for a transitional period? 

3. What will happen to the Miniature Sheets? 

4. Will MS be printed with International Antarabangsa since this is the only avenue to use MS due to the high face value? 

5. How will this affect the postally sent FDC collectors from foreign countries?

There are many more questions raised by the announcement. I suppose it would be wiser to provide implementation details for these type of announcement rather than a one pager.

Here is the official announcement.

Share your thoughts or forever hold your silence.


4 thoughts on “International Postage Stamps

  1. i have lots of stamps from all issues which i use for my letters overseas and if you come up with this kind of ruling it is really ridiculous as we do not send a lot of domestic letters. This is going to cause us a lot of problems as we purchase lots of issues to use the stamps for our friends and collectors overseas. it should be optional .

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