A Special Kind of Postmark Collection

This time, I would like to introduce a niche postmark collection: a collection of Amphibian postmarks from around the world!

This effort was headed by Dr Indraneil Das and Pui Yong Min from the Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Conservation Universiti Malaysia Sarawak.

Dr Das is a renowed herpetologist (study of amphibians and reptiles) and have species named after him as well as having written numerous work on this field. He was also the leader of a research team that found the Old World’s tiniest from in Kubah National Park (Sarawak). He is also an avid philatelist.

Pui Yong Min is a graduate from the same university and has a list of publications. He rediscovered the long-legged Bornean Rainbow Toad.

Here are excerpts from a booklet on the worldwide postmarks and cancellations of amphibians published in 2015 in commemoration of the 4th International Bornean Frog Race (25 April 2015).

The Bornean Frog Race is an annual event. For more details: http://internationalborneanfrograce.weebly.com/

There are special Setemku (personalized stamps) issued during the race.





To view a digital copy: http://theherpetofaunalbiologygroup.weebly.com/uploads/1/4/1/5/14155652/444-_das___pui__frog_postmarks_.pdf

If you are interested to collect herpetology thematics, the same website has a page devoted to the stamps from various countries: http://theherpetofaunalbiologygroup.weebly.com/-stampwatch.html

Contact details can also be found on the website.

If you have a specialised area of interest to share with the wider audience, feel free to contact me.




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