Almost Missed My Flight for a Chop

Well, just as I thought I have completed everything, I was figuring out if the Nonthaburi chop is available. We fondly call our datestamp / cancellation / postmark / cachet a CHOP. Chop can be used as a noun (a chop) or a verb (to chop) and is understood in many parts of Asia. So to the uninitiated purist, you need to learn this word or you will not get a chop!

Back to Nonthaburi, Thailand 2016 exhibition is actually held on the outskirt of Bangkok in Nonthaburi which has a history of over 460 years! Just as I was about to leave in the afternoon, the Nonthaburi chop was made available at the mailing desk at Thailand Post. Apparently the chop arrived in the afternoon. I took the chance to put the chop on my covers to complete all the first day and cachets!

20160810 Nonthaburi post office cancellation

Then it was a rush to the airport with a taxi driver with the calmness of a paddy field and the nerve of steel navigating me to the airport. I made it in the nick of time. Phew!

For all that’s worth, here are the final covers!

20160810 Nonthaburi Thailand 2016 MS

20160810 Nonthaburi Thailand 2016 MS PSM

I would also like to record my thanks to the staff of Pos Malaysia who as usual is an very nice place to hang around chatting with Malaysians dropping by. It is always warm at the Pos Malaysia counter and the Malaysian contingent rivals our contingent in the Olympics!

Here is a photo of the booth with Mr. Moza!

20160810 Pos Malaysia booth



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