Updates from Thailand 2016

Welcome to Thailand! Stay tuned for updates from Thailand 2016 32nd Asian International Stamp Exhibition today.

To get to the exhibition, take a taxi to Ngamwongwarn The Mall. It is at Nonthaburi, just at the border outside Bangkok. The taxi fare from central Bangkok will not hurt your wallet. Should be within the 200 Baht range. The jam is bad though but bearable at about 35 minutes depending on the time.

Make your way to MCC Level 4 at the back of the mall. Access via lifts at the back of the parking.

I guess you will be more interested in the participants. So here they are:

Check this site later for more updates.

Right….after going around the various postal authorities…here is my haul.

As usual China Post was a sold out!

Pos Malaysia sold the exhibition overprint at RM 12.00 each mainly to cater to the covers group. PSM used inkjet to print a blank envelope and sold at the Pos Malaysia booth at RM 12 (blank no stamps)!

Thailand Post station was busy selling the single 5 Baht overprint stamp for the exhibition! Excellent and affordable.

There were 3 postmarks. The metal circular has “1” and “2”. I used “1” for my covers.

If you are looking for anything, message me before I leave.

So here is the PSM Inkjet envelope with all postmarks. My own sticking and postmarking.

Thanks for reading. Time to look at the exhibit.
For those who supported me, many thanks. It is financially hard to report and provide concordancy to it’s fullest.

Time to head home too.

p.s.: Keep your purchase receipts to redeem gifts from Thailand Post at the last counter from the entrance. Minimum is 500 Baht purchase. You can combine your receipts.

Those heading to Suvarnabhumi Airport please allocate 10 minutes to wait at the taxi rank and another 1 hour to 1.5 hours journey by tolled highway. Many taxis do not want to go to the airport. Fare is about 300 Baht excluding tolls.



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