Yesterday saw a moderate crowd in the early morning when the Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau opened. The sale was brisk and the “empty” folders were quickly sold out with only the “full” folders left. The nice surprise is that the “full” folder set’s FDCs have the special “Zoo Negara” cancellation! Not many realised this!.


Then it was off to concordancy adventure again! First to go back to uni:


If you have read the original posting on 12 August 2016, you would have guess where this post office is located :-).

Then it was a drive to the zoo!

Here is the stamp launch programme:


Pos Malaysia set up a booth outside the entrance turnstiles at the Wall of Fame.


This is much kinder than the previous launch of Panda Postcards whereby the booth was set up inside the zoo! By setting up outside the zoo, this time there were more collectors, dealers and casual visitors buying the products. Great work, I hope Pos Malaysia continue to keep this point in mind on affordable accessibility. Parked near the Pos Malaysia booth was a VVIP vehicle. Have a guess at the VVIP:


Philatelic Society of Malaysia’s President, Dato’ Anuar Bashah was also on hand at the booth after the launch ceremony was over. He kindly arranged to have Zoo Negara address cancellation available at the Zoo Negara reception desk. This is an added bonus. This time, the cancellation is a new and neater version. The staff at the desk was also very helpful to the collectors who went there.

The booth remained open to late afternoon. It was supposed to be until 03:00 pm but reports came in that the staff did an outstanding job of waiting for some far away collectors to arrive before closing up! The lady doing the postmarking was very steady. She did a perfect job of cancelling all the covers, folders, posters, postcards and all sorts of philatelic items. Overall, the Pos Malaysia booth did a great job.

Here is a set of the official FDCs.

20160823 & Wonders of Malaysia Flora and Fauna set

There were many other creative private designs to accommodate the sheetlet. Perhaps Pos Malaysia can bring back the taller envelopes to accommodate special sheetlets. Collectors in Malaysia tend to like to create covers and this will help them put the sheetlet on cover. I made some sheetlets on plain envelope FDCs and will print a design on the plain area.

The stamp designer, Mr. KY Lim, was spotted arriving at about 2:00 pm to buy the products. He was gracious in agreeing to autograph the items on sale. An impromptu autograph session was set up at the cafeteria near the booth. Mr. Lim had earlier done an autograph session in the Philatelic Bureau. However, most of those at Zoo Negara missed the session as they left the Philatelic Bureau earlier. Here is the impromptu signing session:

20160823 Mr KY Lim Autograph Session Zoo Negara

Overall, the design is attractive and the event in Zoo Negara with the special cancellation is an added bonus. Perhaps Pos Malaysia can announce the special cancellations and the “name” on the cancellations earlier. More collectors could have made arrangements to come to the zoo for the cancellation.







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