Strong and Faithful

How many of you still remember your Alma Mater fondly? Well, I guess we all have memories of the time the stepped through the august gates of our Alma Mater especially in the formative years in school.

This 21 October 2016, Penang Free School will celebrate the bicentenary of the school’s founding in 1816. Recently the Bicentennial Celebration website released the images of the stamps and miniature sheets. They do justice as the follow-up to the  past issue in 1966 (Penang Free School’s Sesquicentenary).

Here are the images:

70 sen shows part of the school hall.

80 sen shows the overview of the school.

90 sen shows the front view from the school field.


The miniature sheet (MS) shows the school crest.


The old boys will definitely be keen on this issue.

How many of you still have the original issue?




For more pictures, visit:

More news on:

Fortis Atque Fidelis


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    1. I do not have a first hand account. Seems like a temporary post office as registration was available on site. The coming issue will see a mobile post office.


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