Next issue 15 September 2016: Battle Sites

The next issue will be on 15 September 2016. The media preview was held in GPO Philatelic Bureau this morning.

The issue will comprise of the following:
Stamps (not setenant):

  1. 60 sen Kota Malawati, Selangor
  2. 60 sen Kota Mat Salleh, Sabah
  3. 80 sen Kota Libau Rentap, Sarawak
  4. 80 sen Bukit Kepong, Johor

Miniature Sheet: RM 3.00 Pantai Kuala Mat Amat, Kota Bharu, Kelantan

Empty folder RM 6.00

Here is the poster:


The locations based on the nearest post offices are:

  1. Kuala Selangor
  2. Tambunan
  3. Sri Aman or Betong
  4. Pagoh (which sent support and also in Muar district) – many thanks to En. Ahmad for his research
  5. Pengkalan Chepa


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