Onwards to the Battle Sites

Today’s stamp issue was the Battle Sites. The early birds were the regulars. The line thinned out by 9:30 am.

The designer, Mr. KY Lim arrived at 10:00 am for the autograph session. As many were still slowly sticking their stamps, the line at the autograph session was manageable even though some had quite a lot of items to be signed.


The next stop was to match the names of Kota Malawati and Bukit Kepong. Sadly the Mini Post Office in Bukit Kepong is no longer in operation. The 2 closest post offices are Labis and Pagoh and they are not exciting enough to warrant the 5 hour round trip. Next best would be…..


Then it was off to Kuala Selangor again. This time, I decided to visit the District of Kuala Selangor Museum of History. The museum is right on top of Malawati Hill near the Altingsburg Lighthouse.

The weather was fine and hot. The visibility was clear all the way across the straights of Malacca. Little wonder that this site was chosen as a fort.


This is the front of the museum building. Photography is not allowed inside the museum. The museum is air-conditioned and a nice rest from the sweltering heat outside.


Many of the images on the stamp, envelope and folders can be found around the hill. Try and see if you can identify these two photos.




Next, it was a visit to the Kuala Selangor Post Office. In my haste during my last visit (Primates issue), I forgot to take a photo that would do justice to the charming building.


Here is an assignment…where is the best match for Kota Malawati?

Happy Mooncake Festival and Happy Malaysia Day everyone!





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