10 October 2016: Date of Sale for the Community Postman World Post Day

The states of Kedah, Kelantan, Terengganu and Johor released the new stamps on the actual first day on 09 October 2016. However, the rest of the country had to wait until today, 10 October 2016, before being able to buy the products. The philatelic cancellation is still 09 October 2016, however posted covers are dated 10 October 2016.

There was a general lack of crowd today. The regulars (and some newcomers) finished by about 09:00 am. It could be the effect of last week’s heavy International Definitive Stamp issue. The gap is also too near. Throughout the morning session, anyone can walk in straight to the counter without a queue.

The designer from Hazel Design came to autograph. He is Mr Mohd Khir Ab Latip. Here he is:


He patiently autographed the products throughout the morning.

At the main lobby of the General Post Office was an activity to sort the mail. The place as decorated with ballons and banners.

I decided to drop by the Shah Alam General Post Office as there is usually some special activity. I was also trying my luck to send out the covers through the mail boxes in Shah Alam to try and get the World Post Day slogan cancellation.

There were tents put up. A quiz was being held when I arrived. There was also a guess the weight of parcels and guess the number of stamps in a glass receptacle.


This is probably the most relaxed issue. Did you know you can make a composite FDC (both the stamps and MS on one cover)?