Minor Palindrome Date Tomorrow (06.11.16)

My thanks to a fellow reader Mr E. N. for the reminder. Tomorrow is actually a minor palindrome date. Minor in the sense that a proper Palindrome date can be achieved on a full date and an abridged date.

Example of a Proper Palindrome date:

06.10. 2016 and 06.10.16 will be palindrome in all senses. It reads as 6102016 and 61016.

Example of a Minor Palindrome date:

06.11.2016 is not palindrome but the abridged 06.11.16 is Palindrome. It reads as 61116.



Did you know Palindrome dates in other countries with a different date format is naturally different!

Some countries write mm.dd.yyyy whereas others have yyyy.mm.dd and a host of other variations. Thus Palindrome date in Malaysia might not be one in another country!

Ok, so tomorrow is a Sunday, where can I get a postmark??? Try the shopping centre post offices. Not all are open, but some do open. You can find out from http://www.pos.com.my/post-offices/outlet-locations/?pos-malaysia-outlets

You also need to locate the post office with the small circular cancellation or else there will not be a Palindrome date.

Good luck!


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