17 – 19 December 2016: Stamp Fair and National Stamp Exhibition 2016

The next PSM Stamp Fair will be held from 17 – 19 December (Saturday to Monday) 2016 along with the National Stamp Exhibition.

As usual there will be stamp dealers, Pos Malaysia, first official appearance of Postcrossing and an exhibition of national level at the PJ Community Library.

Well, the last I heard was that Pos Malaysia will issue a Setemku for the PSM Exhibition Cover along with 3 daily cancellations and a cachet. Why not go and check out if there is anything tomorrow?


This month is extremely heavy on the philatelic front.

Updated 17 December 2016:

Here is the PSM MYPEX 2016 envelope:


Here is the Setemku issued by Pos Malaysia for this event:


Updated 19 December 2016:

It has been quite a busy time and I just had a chance to complete the covers today. Here is the full sheet of the corporate Setemku for the MYPEX 2016 with all the 3 days cancellations and exhibition cachet.



5 thoughts on “17 – 19 December 2016: Stamp Fair and National Stamp Exhibition 2016

    1. Sorry for the delay. There has been too many stamp issues and events that I had a bit of a backlog in recording everything. I have just loaded the 3 cancellations plus the cachet on a full sheet of Setemku on FDC. Hope that helps.


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