Start of a Malaysian Festival Buffet

Today’s media preview was the first of a series of Malaysian Festival Food Series. The series starts off with the Chinese Food during the Lunar New Year (Spring Festival). This issue will be released on 24 January 2017. The issue is designed by KY Lim of Reign Associates.

There will be 3 stamps and a Miniature Sheet of the following values:

85 sen: Sticky Rice (Nien Gao), Mandarin Oranges

95 sen: Poon Choi, Lettuce Wraps

RM 1.05: Spring Rolls, Lotus Root Soup, Prawn and Abalone

RM 5.00 (Miniature Sheet): Tray of Togetherness featuring various cookies and preserves

An empty folder will also be available to put all the above together.

Here are the products:



  1. Stamps of each denomination: 150,000
  2. Miniature Sheet: 30,000
  3. Empty folder: 2,000
  4. Empty envelopes: 40,000

The other food in the series planned in the year are Kadazan Dusun, Dayak, Malay and Indian. Quite a buffet spread if you ask me!

Time to do my 10,000 steps.


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