22 May 2017: Release of Pos Malaysia’s first Augmented Reality Hari Raya Postcards

I usually cover the new stamp issues including some Setem Ku.

Today (22 May 2017) marks the first day of sale of the Augmented Reality (AR) Hari Raya Postcards by Pos Malaysia nationwide. This is new to Pos Malaysia and since it is an official product, you can head on over to buy a pack and postmark to remember the occasion for yourself.

The pack consist of 4 postcards printed with a Setem Ku Bunga Raya stamp of 50 sen. Thus it is ready for posting. The pack retails for RM 5.90 before GST (RM 6.25 with GST).

The pack was launched in the Rural Information Centre and Tanjung Kling Post Office (Pusat Internet Desa dan Pos Tanjung Kling) on 21 May 2017 during the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day 2018.

The AR feature can be viewed by downloading the APP “AR Postcard” from Google Play or App Store.

Click here for the link the video promotional video.


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