YDPA XIV Setenant Strip Sheet

Pos Malaysia plans to release the Yang DiPertuan Agong XIV setenant strip sheet tomorrow (06 June 2017).

Photo credit to KK Khor.

Each sheet comprises of 9 setenant strips and retails at RM27.20 including GST of 6%.

I am guessing, right about now, you will be contacting your friend to buy for you 🙂


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3 thoughts on “YDPA XIV Setenant Strip Sheet

  1. These so-called setenant sheets are fast becoming a farce, as far as I am concerned. The first one that they issued, POS said that it was the “balance” of the amount that they ordered for the SODA staff’s easy detaching for applying to SODA members FDCs, but now it seems that POS purposely print “extras” to cater for collectors purchase. When I went to the counter to enquire about the YDP setenant sheets today, I saw the staff with a HUGE bundle of sheets – she was almost embarrassed that she had “accidentally” revealed to me the large quantities that she had – and that was only ONE bundle.

    • Any idea how many were made available on that day? In the morning, 500 sheets were released.

      It is becoming a norm for the setenants to be released this way. It might be better for Pos Malaysia to perhaps have it as a standing order rather than ad-hoc sale. This way it will be easier for collectors from the other states to be able to buy the sheets.


      • Maybe because we are in KL, we have the “privilege” of being easily accessible to these “special” sheets. i can see some outstation collectors desperate to buy these. To do an honest business, POS should state the amount of each “setenant” printed and yes, I agree that it should be made available to SODA rather than releasing it at the Dayabumi counters.

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