PSM Stamp Fair 03 – 04 June 2017

If you are excited and cannot wait until Tuesday (06 June 2017) for the next stamp issue, why not drop by the Philatelic Society Malaysia (PSM) Stamp Fair this weekend?

PSM is organising the 2nd PSM Stamp Fair 2017 at the Petaling Jaya Community Library.

Time: 09:30 am to 05:30 pm.

Pos Malaysia will usually bring some nice surprises. So do drop by! See you there!


12 thoughts on “PSM Stamp Fair 03 – 04 June 2017

  1. It’s my first time going to a stamp fair. At first, I thought it was an exhibition or something. I manage to buy a few stamps and FDCs though. Since I’ll be in Selangor for a few years from now, I’m looking forward for the next fair. Thanks for the info! ^^

      1. True. Is it possible for me to join the Philatelic Society Malaysia? Just curious because my dad asked me if I can enter it.

      2. All are welcome to join! The first table near the entrance is the PSM table. Since you are young man, Life membership is worth it.


      3. Great! I’m from Sabah actually and just arrived here a few weeks ago and will be stuck here for the next few years for my studies. I’m looking forward for tomorrow!

      4. I forgot the fee. Life time membership is more worth it for young man.

        Welcome to KL! Your next stop is the Philatelic Bureau especially this 06 June 2017 stamp release.


  2. I came to know about the fair today through an article in Star news paper. Disappointed to know from this site that I am late (as the date were 3rd and 4th June). Is there any chance I can visit such fair on this weekend or can get contact number of Mr. Wong to contact him directly. Thanks

    1. Hi Afzal,

      I will email you Mr Wong’s email contact.

      Thanks for reading myfdc and feel free to give any suggestions.

      Best Regards


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