Next issue: 16 July 2018 Telegraph Museum Taiping

The next issue is the Telegraph Museum in Taiping in collaboration with Telekom Malaysia (TM). This issue is in conjunction with the launching of the museum. The Telegraph Museum actually had a soft launch on 03 April 2018. The museum is located next to the Taiping Post Office. Thus the most concordant cancellation is from Taiping Post Office.

This issue will comprise of:

  1. 3 x 60 sen stamps (Transmitter Key, Receiver and Gutta Percha/Grinder Stone/Submarine Cable)
  2. RM 3 Miniature Sheet of the Museum
  3. 50 sen blank envelope
  4. RM 6 empty folder

A media preview was held by Puan Diyana Lean Abdullah, Head of the Stamp & Philately Unit of Pos Malaysia and En. Abd Hamid bin Hashim, Director of Yayasan Telekom Malaysia. The event was attended by the media and Philatelic Society of Malaysia.


  1. Stamps: 200,000 pieces of each design
  2. MS: 25,000 pieces
  3. Blank envelope: 28,000 pieces
  4. Empty folders: 1,700 pieces

The museum launch ceremony will be held in Telegraph Museum at 10:00 am on Monday (16 July 2018) to invited guests as a VVIP will be officiating the museum. The public will be allowed to visit the museum after the official opening ceremony.

The designer from World Communications Network Resources was invited to the opening ceremony as well as a representative to the Philatelic Bureau in Kuala Lumpur.


  1. This is the FIRST telegraph museum in Southeast Asia!
  2. The first  cable insulation from United Kingdom to Australia was insulated with the rubber from Gutta Percha tree!
  3. The Taiping Post and Telegraph Office which opened in 1885 was the first one-stop telegram, telephone, postal and banking facility in our country!
  4. The folder is perforated with the Morse Code!
  5. The back of the folder features the Morse Code.

Great new! All SODA holders will be able to receive the Taiping cancellation!



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