60 sen Orchids National Definitive complete blooms for 2018 series

The current Orchids National Definitive 60 sen denomination, saw what is believed to be the final 2018 imprint coming out around early February 2019 with the prefix 2018/4. It was first reported sold in Johor Bahru.

Subsequently the 2019/1 prefix was first reported seen in the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office on 15 February 2019. However, the sheets were already sold out to a corporation.

Flash back of the old and new definitives: https://myfdc.me/2018/10/21/2018-new-definitives/

Has anyone seen 2018/5? Is 2018/4 the final imprint for the 60 sen denomination?

Drop us a note if you see 2018/5!