23 March 2019: Chong Hwa School autograph session

This morning (23 March 2019) was a busy day in Chomg Hwa Independent School. Droves of students and parents went back. It was also an open day for alumni.

The folder set was prominently on sale at the main entrance.

A set of postcards were also on sale:

A set of 4 school mascot cachets were available at the postcard counter.

To complete the folder set were the designers (from left to right are: Lin Hsueh Yin, Anjoey and Wei Loon) from O Zero Studio:

Information of the stamp issue are found in:

The schools: https://myfdc.me/2019/03/21/chong-hwa-centenary-designer-autograph-session-on-23-march-2019/

The products: https://myfdc.me/2019/03/18/21-march-2019-chong-hwa-school-centenary-personalised-setem-ku-issue/

The details: https://myfdc.me/2019/03/14/another-centenary-school-personalised-stamp-from-chong-hwa-independent-high-school-kuala-lumpur/



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