A Narrow Avoidance of Pexit!

As the world slumbered, a Postal Exit of USPS was almost in the cards. Pos Malaysia highlighted the issue in the official Pos Malaysia Facebook yesterday (25 September 2019) as well as a Media Release Pos Malaysia_25 Sept 2019.

Just 2 days ago (24 September 2019), at the opening session of the UPU’s 3rd Extraordinary Congress in Geneva, the UPU Secretary General, Bishar A. Hussein made the statement: “I call on all of you in the name of this historical Union to find the courage to choose the right path not just for yourselves, but for the entire industry”.

It seems that a Pexit (as it was coined) was in the cards. Options were explored and today, the Pexit was averted: http://news.upu.int/no_cache/nd/upu-member-countries-reach-unanimous-agreement-on-postal-remuneration-rates/

What it means for the consumer such as us collectors, will be understood much later. It will however lead to the unadvertable increase in postage cost. Here is the update from Pos Malaysia.