17 September 2019: Date of Sale Malaysia Day Our Food

Today is the date of sale for the 16 September 2019 Malaysia Day issue with the theme Our Food (Makanan Kita). The day started quite slow. Perhaps it is the long weekend and people are still away or the haze.

The pace picked up as the morning progressed. The designer, Mr KY Lim, from Reign Associates came to autograph the products. He stayed until after 11:00 am. By that time most of us went down to the Dayabumi Lobby to have a real Our Food (Makanan Kita) session. 🙂

Here is a composite FDC that I thought would be nice to showcase everything. The designer’s autograph blended in very well into “Makanan Kita” leaving a clean space for the arrangement of stamps and MS.

How was the response in your area? I heard and read that the MS was very well received.

Happy Malaysia Day +1!