Minor Palindrome Date coming up 9.11.19

Thanks to Eric who reminded that this Saturday is a Public Holiday.

There goes the palindrome plan.


This Saturday will be a minor palindrome date. I.e. for a 09.11.19 cancellation, it will form a palindrome date: 91119.

If the cancellation is the 09.11.2019 type, it will not come out as a palindrome. Palindrome number is also called radar number in colloquial.

Read more from the previous years: https://myfdc.me/?s=minor+palindrome

Prepare your letters.



Why so quite?

  1. No spam if nothing important to feature, no unnecessary posts.
  2. Next issue is probably end of the month and that still needs confirmation.
  3. The caped crusader has yet to be announced even though the product has been packed and awaiting the spotlight.
  4. An agent is coming out on the silver screen on 28 November 2019 but the stamps might be in December in one of the “week”.

Meanwhile, continue charging your wallets!


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