13 November 2019: Batman 80 Years Personalised Stamp Folder Packs

The rumour mill’s caped crusader is finally confirmed to be launched on 13 November 2019!

Batman turned 80 Years this year. Batman first appeared in DETECTIVE COMICS #27 on 30 March 1939! Not bad for an young 80 year old Dark Knight!

The launch is slated to take place on the morning of 13 November 2019 with Tuan Syed Md Najib Syed Md Nor, Group Chief Executive Office and Mr Keith Ng, Associate Director of Pacific Licensing Studio invited to the opening event in the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office, Level 2, Dayabumi Complex.

The Batman 80 Years personalised stamp sheet (Setem Ku) mirrors the earlier launch with an expected exclusive folder set with Setem Ku sheetlets and first day covers. There are also postcards.

To old Batman comic readers, expect some of the most iconic stories to be featured. Think the Dark Knight (Frank Miller), Bane and of course the Joker.

The sale will take place after the launch, probably around noon onwards.

The launch will be very exciting in which of the comic scenes that will be featured.

Look out for the product on eziemall.

Now where is my Bat Signal?

Guess where I found the spotlight?




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