Hunting the raw materials for Carvings and Craft

Yesterday was a very rushed mini adventure. The late notice and the last minute information necessitated a quick conference with fellow concordant collectors who then distributed out the routes.

The day started quite slowly, there were only 4 of us at 07:00 am, a far cry from the norm of 10 persons. One of our regular (the first in the queue ALL the time), was not around….. did he get the information? Is he in town? Has he gone back to Ipoh? Maybe the mystery will be solved the next issue…..

On opening bell, there were 14 persons. Not too bad considering a slow start.

The interest in the special effect on the MS was quite high. A fellow collector informed me that the overseas
“special effect / unusual” MS were already messaging to get the MS for their collection / resale in their country.

Here is the actual MS:



It looks better when you actually hold it.

A bonus was the stamps and MS actually fits rather nicely to make a composite FDC:

There was sufficient space to put the cancellations neatly.

The designer, Mr KY Lim from Reign Associates, came to autograph. I was worried that he might not be able to come to autograph. He did not disappoint.

Some readers informed that the stocks have not arrived in their locations. Did anyone encounter this in your area?

After a relaxing autograph session (due to no queues), it was time to head out to look for the raw materials for the craft. I was matching the raw materials while my fellow concordanists were looking to match the locations of the items depicted on the stamps and MS.

Kuala Lumpur actually matches one of the stamps……

Here is my second stop:

The next stop was:

How was the situation in your location?


ps: We might be looking at some Setem Ku issues in the remainder of the month. I think with the eziemall around, you can easily go for your year end vacation without missing anything.



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