Updated information – 11 December 2019: Ejen Ali The Movie Personalised Stamp Folder Set

On 11 December 2019, there was a surprise announcement of the Ejen Ali The Movie Personalised Stamp (Setem Ku) Folder Set being sold in Sunway Pyramid in LG2, Concourse.

The folder set was sold at RM 35.00 which consists of a folder, a Personalised Stamp (Setem Ku) sheet, an empty envelope and a postcard. There is no special cancellation.


It was supposed to be on sale on http://www.eziemall.com but as at the time of writing, I could not locate the product.

Updated 13 December 2019:

Pos Malaysia updated that there will be a cachet at Sunway Pyramid: https://www.facebook.com/PosMalaysiaBerhad/photos/a.513810308726319/2579632462144083/?type=3&theater

Subsequently, the folder set will be available on eziemall and General Post Offices starting from 17 December 2019.



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