Malaysia First Day Cover clearance

I have a big lot of FDCs to clear off for my childhood friend. They were the collection of his father in law.

It is a big lot of thematics (birds, animals, insects, flowers, pitcher plant, aviation, scout, ASEAN, tourism, cultures, postal services, Malaysian royalty, exhibition covers, etc.). Come and browse close to 300 FDCs.

These FDCs are showcased inside my Facebook Album:

Everything starts at RM 3.00 per FDC as a minimum floor price. Do support by giving your best price. The floor price is much lower than catalogue price or today’s market price. If you need to find out the rough market price:

Appreciate your best offer and I will review. All proceeds will be channeled back to my friend.

1. Give your best offer at or above RM 3.00 per FDC with increments in Ringgit only (no Sen).
2. I will review on 01 February 2020 starting 09:00 pm. It is not a firm end time. If I have not closed or accepted then you can continue to give your best price.
3. No need to message me. Transparent offer starting RM 3.
4. If you want to private message me, it will not be accepted.
5. After end, all items with no price sticker or sticker at or below RM 3.00 will be sold at a fixed price of RM 5.00.
6. After end, all items with price sticker above RM 3.00 will be sold at the sticker price.
7. FLAT RATE Registered mail RM 4.00 to anywhere in Malaysia. It will be adjusted by the increase in postage and registration fee if Pos Malaysia increases the rate.
8. Photo and any descriptions are important. Sold as is where is.
10. Payment within 3 working days, no accumulation and no Cash on Delivery (COD).
11. Billing for international buyers in Ringgit and will be converted by your credit card with Paypal.
12. There is a 12% surcharge to cover Paypal and taxes on Paypal fees.
13. Registered shipping is FLAT RATE USD 5.00 (excluding the 12% surcharge). It will be adjusted by the increase in postage and registration fee by Pos Malaysia.

I have other excess philatelic items that are inside various albums on Facebook. Feel free to browse.

If you have questions, feel free to message me at

It is a start to the 800,000 views expected by late tonight or early tomorrow morning!



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