2014 Unissued Proton?

Last night a reputable stamp dealer contacted me on an eBay International (ebay.com) listing of a strange photo of an un-issued Proton with the year stated as 2014. The name of the issue is “Malaysian Made Cars” which is written on the MS.

This is the first time I see this in the open market. From his message, I went to search eBay.com again.

This is the image that I managed to download.

Apparently it was relisted a number of times and so far I think people are looking at it and probably watching to see the interest.

Some questions:

  1. Is this genuine (i.e. actually printed)?
  2. Was this an unissued issue?

Any information from anyone will be much appreciated to update the history.

Updated in the afternoon:

Encik Mohd Nizamuddin Safie shared a copy of the 2014 Malaysia Stamp Issue Schedule which potentially shed some light on this mystery. Could this be issue no. 4? Malaysian Made Vehicles Series 4 with the original issue date on 27 March 2014?

Any circumstances that led to the withdrawal (if this is really Series 4 – which was not printed on the MS???)?

Updated 26 February 2020:

A FB reader gave his insight that Proton did not agree to the stamps. So that is as much as I can get. In addition the stamps were supposed to be printed in France and another “sold” eBay item has tabs with “Cartor” possibly confirming that this is the printer.

I have downloaded the eBay photo and loaded inside: https://myfdc.me/errors-and-unissued/

There is no watermark from those who has seen the actual items.

Interestingly the MS’s title is “Malaysian Made Cars” and not “Malaysian Made Vehicles”?

Anyone else with information?




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