Envelopes Sizes used in the World

I realised after I wrote about the DL size that many were not familiar with envelopes. As a cover collector, I plan out specific covers using the sizes and then print the cover in the blank area. Thus I will select a few sizes that fits well for the particular purpose.

Envelopes are covered under the international ISO 216 for C standard envelopes. It starts at C0 and ends at C10. C4 envelopes basically can fit an A4 paper!

DL is not in the ISO 216 standard but it is very popular and came from the German DIN Lang (Lang is Long). DL is now called Dimension Lengthwise. That is why it is commonly called long envelope!

DIN is the acronym for Deutsche Industrie Norm, which is basically the local standard (much like our SIRIM standard). DIN Lang is covered under DIN 678 and under ISO, it is ISO 269.  ISO 269 is already withdrawn!

The DL is basically an A4 paper folded in 1/3 to fit into the envelope. DL is also called C5/6.


However, the US does not follow the ISO standard (neither do they follow the metric system in their country). The most common US envelope name is Monarch size.


I try to standardise my envelopes to DL (where the length allows me to print nice graphics on the left) and C4 which fits a Personalised Stamp (Setem Ku) sheetlet nicely.

Here are what I have printed with images from the daily announcements that you can read online. I have only 1 of each, so I am not able to exchange. The interesting coincidence is that the announcements and events do not overlap. In addition, thus far when the post offices are closed, there are no major announcements.

I named the topic as “Movement Control Order Period” for these covers. In the future it will become the modern postal history of what transpired in the country.

Enjoy making your personal printed covers!

Note: These are NOT private covers which is a different category of commercially printed covers in the long gone era of late 1940s to early 1970s.

Meanwhile, here is the link to the Pos Malaysia outlets which are temporarily closed.

Today is also a one day of closure.




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