Getting the Pos Malaysia COVID-19 Movement Control Order safety slogan

Normal mail deliveries to my area has slowed to once every 2 days – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It might have been a coincidence or a lack of mail. I could not ascertain. I have been sending a letter consistently every day to find out when the COVID-19 Movement Control Order safety slogan will be printed.

Here are some observations after I received today’s mail.

“DL” size long envelopes are all sent to the National Mail Centre Machine 01 (double ring). The COVID-19 Movement Control Order safety slogan continued into 25 March 2020. I believe it will be on-going.

However the smaller aerogramme size Mel Rakyat is routed to National Mail Centre Machine 08 (single ring) which does not carry the COVID-10 Movement Control Order safety slogan.

If you compare the height of the cancellation, Machine 08 just about fit the Mel Rakyat. I have other examples of the week and they were all routed to Machine 08 consistently. Thus I do not recommend sending Mel Rakyat to obtain the COVID-19 safety slogan.

Here are some recommendations:

  1. Use a “DL” size long envelope – windowless preferred.
  2. If you use more than 1 stamp to make up the postage rate, stick Horizontally.
  3. Drop in the mail box.
  4. Do not use Mel Rakyat as the height is lower. It has been established that 10.5 cm – 11.5 cm height will go through. Mel Rakyat is only 9.5 cm in height.
  5. Old unused FDC envelopes are also suitable.
  6. It seems so far that the slogan is only seen from the National Mail Centre Malaysia in Shah Alam.

If your State has begun using the slogan, can you share a picture with our readers? Email to:

Be Healthy and Safe everyone!



6 thoughts on “Getting the Pos Malaysia COVID-19 Movement Control Order safety slogan

  1. Hi, may I know what is Mel Rakyat 😅 I just know about it. Can you explain to me what is it, how to use, how to get it, etc.? Sorry for asking this questions. Thank you.

    1. Hi Sofia,

      Mel Rakyat is provided as a convenient way to write simple letters. It works just like an aerogramme. Previously it was sold at 30 sen each. Currently it is free.

      Most of the balance stocks can be found in General Post Offices. Neighbourhood post offices might have very few or no stocks.

      Read about the history here:

      Some further observations:

      Hope this helps.


      1. Hi Sofia,

        You can just ask for Mel Rakyat the next time you visit a Post Office. I think there are very limited stocks now. In the Kuala Lumpur General Post Office, there are ample stocks.


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