2 thoughts on “What and How to Open a Standing Order Deposit Account?

  1. “Another benefit of SODA are the various special order forms for Overprint Miniature Sheets, Exhibition FDCs, special issues and for those who collect Annual Albums – a special price for SODA members.”
    This is definitely not the case as I have not been informed most of the times by the POS. There is always an excuse unfortunately and you can’t get them to move.
    The same happened when I received damaged post containing my order. I have been waiting almost a year to get it replaced even though I returned the package and told them that I gave no objection to be charged for the new package.
    Please note I live outside of Malaysia.

    1. Hi Joe,

      I am so sad to read this. For the form, I will try and scan as early as possible so that those based outside of Malaysia can fill in and email the order.

      For replacement, I think it is faster to email.

      I know it is a challenge when collecting from overseas. I face similar challenges for replacements with my other SODA accounts. Some ended with just a refund though I prefer the product.


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