29 August 2020 Putrajaya Silver Jubilee

I decided to visit Putrajaya during the silver jubilee. The Putrajaya Post Office does not work on Saturdays. Thus the only post office open in Putrajaya was in Alamanda Putrajaya.

It was a rather quiet day in the post office since it was a weekend.

The next stop was to visit the iconic buildings along Perdana Avenue (Persiaran Perdana).  The avenue starts from Precinct 1 and continues all the way to Precinct 5. Here are some scenes along the way.

Putra Square (Dataran Putra):

Putra Perdana Complex:

Palace of Justice (Istana Kehakiman):

Putrajaya Corporation (Perbadanan Putrajaya):

The pillars in the area were decked with the Silver Jubilee posters.


I suppose the next issue will be very much awaited due to the significance and the iconic designs. The buildings looks even grander upclose.

Happy 25th Anniversary Putrajaya!


The stamp date of sale was moved to 22 September 2020 in the 07 September 2020 revised stamp schedule.


High resolution images are available for sale covering the major sites.







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