22 September 2020: Date of Sale of the 25th Anniversary of Putrajaya (Putrajaya Iconic Buildings)

Finally the long awaited Putrajaya Iconic Buildings stamps were released! So here we are at the start of the sale in the Kuala Lumpur Philatelic Bureau Headquaters!

The stamps and stamp sheetlet is easy to peel and stick. The setenant format is very much appreciated! There was a change in the envelope format back to the original long envelopes! This is a very much welcomed return. I hope Pos Malaysia will continue this size as it is friendlier to collectors who would like to have our own way to stick the stamps and allow for more creativity!

Encik Kamarul Ariffin arrived about 10:00 am to start the autograph session. If you recall, Encik Kamarul first came for an autograph session in the Rukun Negara stamp issue on 18 August 2020.

Encik Kamarul autographed for about an hour. This time, the Philatelic Bureau was more logical as the “low volume” buyers can move in front to get the covers autographed quickly leaving the high volume buyers to be able to autograph without having to go round and round. This time it was very much appreciated as many could not get leave due to the late confirmation via the poster release. Some had to ask friends to buy on behalf. So in reality, the quantities would have been the same but just a longer queue.

Only 1 well recognised numismatic runner was buying in a modest quantity for his dealer. Otherwise the numismatic group was very much absent. Has the demand for Philatelic Numismatic Covers dwindled? On 28 August 2020, Bank Negara Malaysia announced that a set of coins will be released. The start of sale has yet to be announced and it will be done online, which is great to eliminate the horrible queues!

So here are my creations after the autograph session:

I decided to make some with the tabs as it looks good and will distinguish them from SODA strips.

In addition, I managed to autograph some empty folders.

So next stop!……………………………………………………. Lunch!

This is the first time that I was able to get lunch as everything were wrapped up by 11:00 am! After a quick lunch at an old converted Colonial Post Office!, I headed over to…..Putrajaya.

The traffic was surprisingly smooth and here I am…

Getting the security pass was very quick. Little did I know it will become complicated soon…. tell you later on…

So, since everyone managed to understand concordancy, and even a few there mentioned that they are there to get a concordant cancellation! Wow, long live concordancy! Almost all the who’s who group have, are and will be here today!

We have the Jinjang, Kepong, Merlimau, Sarawak, Sabah, TTDI and SD group all for the Putrajaya Post Office!

Fortunately not everyone came at the same time. There were a few who were disappointed as Putrajaya Post Office ran out of stock at about 09:00 am. Many of the groups above bought their items before coming here just to do chopping (I am a Malaysian and I am entitle to use the word chopping! So there, you purist!).

It was then that I received a message from another member whom I am supposed to meet being stopped from coming in as there are only 5 Post Office passes available! I counted that yeah… there were 5 of us NOT from the complex. I decided to go off as I have completed what I wanted to do. I do need to say it is quite carnival like (with the SOP of masks and keeping away from one another). The joy of chopping stamps!

Look out for more creative covers coming out by the various groups later today!

The drive was in heavy rain but well, luckily left earlier or the whole way would be wet!

Here are my spares for sale (no reserve):

To order my spares: sky52200myfdc@gmail.com

  1. Empty Folder – autographed and with a free poster – I am not a folder collector, I bought a few for my friends and added a few more since I am already going to Putrajaya. 
  2. Official First Day Covers – autographed by the designed with Putrajaya cancellation with three types: Type 1 top (top tab) – Type 2 centre (no tab) – Type 3 bottom (bottom Pos Malaysia logo tab).
  3. My personalised superconcordant First Day Cover with Alamanda Putrajaya Post Office cancellation on 29 August 2020. I made the trip on that Saturday as Alamanda Putrajaya Post Office was the only post office open on a Saturday. I used the old definitive *during the beginning of Putrajaya” and the new design definitive “for the current Putrajaya”. They are all autogrpahed.

I made 2 types:

Type 1: Top tab

Type 2: Bottom Pos Malaysia logo tab

I have extremely few copies of these.

See you all next month! Time for a break.









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