6 thoughts on “27 October 2020: Malaysia Day

  1. Hello, do you know by chance how I can reach the filateli office regarding my soda akaun- haven’t received either this years issues or any response on my several emails to filateli@pos.com.my
    even efeedback form on webside isn’t working. Can you please assist me
    kind regards

      1. Thanks for your help. Yes I am living in Germany and here is my request to the filateli office

        Von: Wilhelm Berg
        An: filateli@pos.com.my
        Verschickt: Fr, 23. Okt 2020 20:44
        Betreff: SODA akaun # S000473594

        Dear Madam, dear Sir,
        Iam writing this Email now the third time- please answer to it!

        since beginning of this year I did not receive any stamps. Please check my SODA akaun # S000473594 and let me know when I have to expect back issues and new ones again.
        The last one was from 5 February 2020 which included “Seni Khat Malaysia Siri 2”. My Balance is 666.35 RM. Looking forward to your kind reply.
        Terima kasih
        Wilhelm Berg
        10829 Berlin

      2. Hi Wilhelm,

        The Bureau will be replying today. The reason is that the shipment to international destinations have been put on hold.

        Do look out for the email from the Bureau.


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