29 December 2020: The Search for the Tallest Tropical Tree in the World!

I arrived later than usual. The lack of crowd due to year end break and some taking the chance to return to hometown was apparent. It seems that the regulars were buying for their friends.

The unique folder certainly attracted a number of collectors to buy. I know they do not collect folders but this time, the design is really good! It is certainly the tallest folder!

The oversized cover was also conducive to make composite FDC! The single stamp in a set allowed a whole sheetlet to be made into a cover. Here are some ideas on creating the FDC:

The MS was embossed with the feel of the tree bark and top canopy leaves. Standing at 180 mm inside a 190 mm MS, this is easily the tallest Malaysia Miniature Sheet.

It was still raining heavily when I completed my FDCs. It will be another epic day looking for the elusive tree.

Now to search for the tree!

First stop after braving a flash flood (2 partiallu submerged cars!) on the way:

Unable to find the complete name of the tree, I had to search up hill. Possibly the tallest hill. Maybe I will have some luck. Second stop:

I received a clue! Apparently the other half of the namesake are found up north and down south. Where should I go? To the south as it is the only place left with a mark! The road was long and weaved in an out of state borders and rivers cutting through more plantations and trees that I can count. Even the “dodol” became “cair” (hint)!

Finally completed the name of the tree! The rain clouds were gathering, time to head off before being cut off by the rain so far from home!

On the way back, I could not resist visiting one of the quaintest old building post office right at the border between two states.

Look closely at the tiles and windows! Nice design!

Well the journey finally came to an end in time for my breakfast, lunch and dinner rolled into one. I was saved by my staple air sandwich and water bottles for the journey.

The search finally concluded after over 450 km of trekking.

Remember the good news: SODA gets Lahad Datu! Saved me a round trip!

Reports from East Malaysia – the stamps have not arrived in the morning. Penang did not receive the stocks in the morning too.

Time to rest for the year.

Another year end project for the Penangites: Create your 31 December 2020 Last Vehicle Ferry Service Personalised Cover. Get cracking, don’t say I heads up to you. Sadly the Butterworth Post Office is closed or else it will be very very very concordant!



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