Year of the Ox Setem Ku : Be Oxsome

Finally the Year of the Ox Setem Ku will be released on 09 February 2021 (online) with the physical sale in the various General Post Offices in Malaysia on 10 February 2021!

The format is similar to last year’s Year of the Rat except there is one extra postcard compared to last year!

Here are the products:

  1. Full folder set with a Setem Ku sheetlet, 3 gold stamping Postcards, 3 blank envelopes and a Folder retailing at RM 38.00
  2. The Setem Ku sheetlet is also available on sale at RM 25.00

There will not be any special cancellations this time.

This is a continuation of the Setem Ku Greeting series.

For the history of the Lunar Series in Malaysia, check out:

The official stamp programme indicated that there will be a “Cattle Breeds in Malaysia” on 25 February 2021. Let’s see as we get nearer to that date.