18 March 2021: Next Issue Cattle Breeds in Malaysia

It seems that finally the Bull Run has started and the cows have come home!

This issue has a unique brush stroke paintings of the various cattle breed in Malaysia. In addition, to match the Year of the Metal Ox (somehow translated to the Year of the Golden Ox), the Miniature Sheet has a die-cut and embossed metallic ink golden bull!

There has been a change from the note in the SODA statement, the stamp denominations have been changed from RM 1.50 to RM 1.30.

It would have been more appropriate to have released this issue before the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations to coincide with the new year euphoria.

The products:

  1.  RM 1.30 x 4 setenant strip of stamps (Kedah – Kelantan, Nelora, Brahman, Bali)
  2.  RM 5.00 Miniature Sheet (die-cut with embossed golden metallic ink)
  3.  RM 6.00 Empty folder
  4.  50 sen Blank covers (Melaka Bullock Cart)

Some concordant locations:

  1.  Menglembu: Baka Lembu
  2.  Pasir Mas: Some call this Year of the “Golden” Ox
  3.  Melaka: Bullock cart design on the envelope
  4.  Sungai Besi: Year of the “Metal” Ox
  5.  Kuala Kedah or Alor Setar: Kedah – Kelantan breed
  6.  Kota Bharu: Kedah – Kelantan breed

The designer is Mr KY Lim from Reign Associates. There is no autograph session.

Let’s moove it tomorrow!




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