18 March 2021: Chasing Number of Cows

Finally the very much awaited Cattle Breeds in Malaysia was released today. Thought it was so delayed after the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Metal Ox (some call it Golden Ox due to a literal translation), the queue was much better than normal for the past year.

Yes, Past Year! Today is the one year anniversary of Malaysia going into Movement Control Order.

At the start there was already a healthy over 10 pax compared to one handful of hardcore collectors. Most of them came and bought on behalf of their friends who could not come out. In this respect, I hope Pos Malaysia will be able to release information at least a week earlier. Many were struggling with their handphone taking down the friends’ requirements and it was quite a delay in people jotting down quantities at the counter.

The resellers came a bit later once the collector queue is over. They normally arrive at about 09:00 am.

This time Pos Malaysia continued to prepare ready made FDCs in order to reduce the number of collectors sticking stamps. Here are the ready made FDCs available at the Philatelic Bureau HQ in Dayabumi, Kuala Lumpur.

Most collectors loved the continuation of the setenant format as it is easier to stick and more efficient.

I had time to try out sticking the stamps in the following layouts:

The brush stroke water colour painting effect was really good. The Miniature Sheet’s metallic gold embossing and die-cut is really eye catching. You need to hold it to see and feel the effect.

I was then off to catch me a Metal Cow!

As the interstate travel restrictions were hampering better concordancy, I settle for this:

I have 7 sets of spares available including those with tabs for anyone unable to go to the post office to make covers today.

Meanwhile…… it would be a while for the cows to return from Menglembu.

Here are the quantities:

  1. Stamps: 250,000 pieces of each design (i.e. 50,000 sheets)
  2.  Miniature Sheet: 20,000 pieces
  3.  Empty folder: 1,500 pieces
  4.  Blank envelopes: 25,000 pieces

Meanwhile, next week’s Frontliner (COVID in Malaysia) has been an extremely long awaited stamp issue (4 setenants featuring the Police, Doctor, Military and Nurse) and should see a hot response. We might also see a surprise inclusion of an issue following that. Stay “tuned” for that issue.








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