Updated: 75 Years of Radio Televisyen Malaysia RTM

The internet was abuzz with the images of the 75 Years of RTM set of stamps today. The 75 Years of RTM and 60 Years of RTM Orchestra (75 Tahun RTM / 60 Tahun Orkestra RTM) set consists of 4 setenant stamps of RM 1 each.

Apparently RTM has sent out order forms for their staff to pre-order this commemorative issue’s folder set in mid-March.  A few weeks later, there were news from various branch GPOs of local RTM branches requesting to pre-order. Today, the image was finally seen on the internet.

The folder set was offered at RM 30.50. Using Matematik Tingkatan 1 mencari anu (Form 1 Mathematics find the unknown)…….. the products are:

  1.  RM 1.00 x 4 setenant set (Radio Era, Radio and Television Era, Colour Television Era and Digital and Multimedia Era)
  2.  RM 6.00 empty folder
  3.  50 sen blank envelope

The stamps are issued in a sheetlet of 20 stamps (i.e. 5 setenant sets).

For those who need help on mathematics working, scroll down.

Here is the image from internet! So the final product might still change or look different – so take note!

RTM is also offering a Setemku retailing at RM 25.00. Using logic, this would be the current new Setemku format.

I definitely remember RTM fondly from children cartoons to TV series to movies and news.

Which era did you start from?

The next big question, when will it be on sale?

It seems that RTM’s started with Radio Malaya on 01 April 1946. That might give an indication.

It seems there are a lot of solve the puzzles in this stamp issue.

Best concordant locations:

  1.  UM Post Office (special philatelic cancellation)
  2.  KL Philatelic Bureau
  3.  Bukit Angkasa Post Office

Meanwhile….. the front might be pushed to the back. Solve this puzzle.

Updated 29 March 2021: The issue date is 01 April 2021 but the date of sale will be on 08 April 2021.


Solve the unknown.

Empty folders are currently sold at RM 6.00 – assume no price increase.

Blank envelopes are currently sold at 50 sen – assume no price increase.

One sheetlet as shown is RM 20.00. Assume correct.

One setenant strip on blank envelope will be RM 4.00 (per strip) + 50 sen = RM 4.50

Total: RM 6.00 + RM 20.00 + RM 4.50 = RM 30.50! QED#


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