More information on Frontliner Stamp Issue

It seems that the Frontliner stamp issue tentatively on 20 May 2021 will have 4 x RM 1.50 stamps. Seeing the trend from the last few issues, this should be a setenant strip again.

Here is the snippet from the “Cattle Breeds” Standing Order Deposit Account statement before 75 Years of RTM was moved up.

Which Frontliners do you think will be on the stamps?

  1. Doctors are a must!
  2. Nurses?
  3. Police?
  4. Military?
  5. Postman?
  6. Scientists?
  7. NGO/Volunteers?
  8. Your idea?

What is your guess? Choose 4 and you can write anyone else. Just comment below.

For my international friends who has been following on this long awaited issue, the regular international mail has not reopened, thus I cannot prepare to post. If you wish to pre-order and wait until mail resumes……then drop me a message. Courier services are available to Australasia and North Asia, East Asia, ASEAN etc. but at courier rates which is expensive. Only international mail is to Singapore.

Keep a lookout for more information.